For Transferring Scouts


So You Have To Transfer From Another Troop...

Written by Administrator

 “Transfers Are Welcome Here!” Sometimes we have to move, and its no different for scouts.

Maybe you had to leave a troop because your family moved or you started a new school, or you had disagreements with your old leadership. It happens. Troop 333 may be right for you, but the only real way to tell is to join us for an evening or two and find out. It will give both yourself and our troop a chance to see how we get along.

We ask all scouts and parents to read about our troop in the FOR PARENTS section to see if we might be right for your family. Troop 333 has requirements of the adults, not just the scouts. If you all decide to move ahead, we can schedule a date to have you come in to meet us.

Once we get to spend some time together we might all agree that Troop 333 is the right choice. Don't be shy. Please ask questions. We would like to meet you and your family. We think you will see we try very hard to live up to the Scout Law and Oath, and we put it into practice, treating others as we want to be treated.

Just so you know, Troop 333 was formed mostly by transferred scouts so we are all used to having to move around at times! Let's talk some more - hopefully you will see How Good Scouting Can Be!