The Core of Scouting

Written by Scoutmaster

frontpage “There are dozens of resources available to new scout families so they can gain a complete picture of what scouting is all about.” From camping and scout skills, lore and games, to teamwork, badges, patches and events, please explore these links to learn more!

The BOY SCOUTS of AMERICA® Official Site
All about how to become a scout, parent resources, and details of how BSA operates.

Great resources to learn more about scouting activities and the path one needs to take to achieve the Eagle rank.

The US Scouting Service Project
Outdoor and camping skills, advancement info, games, knots, fun and more all maintained by volunteers interested in scouting.

More links to activities, ceremony information, and a resource library.

Open discussions at SCOUTER.COM
Get your parents permission to ask and answer questions about scouting.

The Official Online Scout Store at