Friday, December 14, 2018

Welcome To Our Family

 “Unsure About Your School Choice In The Future? Many Today Are...” Troop 333 was formed so that your family can make the choices it needs.

Troop 333 serves North Mecklenburg, South Iredell and West Cabarrus Counties including the cities of Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson, Mooresville, Kannapolis, and Charlotte metro.

We believe the friendships achieved as young men grow are very important.

Adult supervision of the boys and clear delineation of appropriate behavior, language, and topics will be the responsibility of leadership. We believe that children are to be guided and led so that the experience for everyone is a positive one. If you agree, then we may be the troop for you!

When: Tuesday nights - 6:30-8:30pm first, third and fifth Tuesdays of the month.

Where: Contact us through the email form for the location for troop meetings. We will be having our meetings at a central location for scout families within the Huntersville area. With families from Charlotte to Cornelius, and Huntersville to Rockwell (Cabarrus County).

Parent Participation: We will encourage all parents to participate to the level which they are able and interested. This includes females in leadership roles. We will happily encourage and utilize any and all members’ skill sets. Dads will be required to join new scouts on the first camp-outs. If this sounds good to you, read on!

Family Participation: “They went on the ark two by two, and off three by three.”

Our troop number is 333. This represents our mission to be “The Family Troop”. This troop intends to honor the family unit. Families will be allowed to participate and see the boys in action in their patrols at meetings and most events. We believe that the patrol integrity can be maintained while families are present and do not have to be cut off from each other at troop events. (Besides, campfire skits are more fun with a larger crowd!)

Cost: This is usually a concern but not for Troop 333! Our troop will be focused on helping the boys support themselves through a variety of fundraising opportunities, which will also give them experience and gain real world skills. The leadership is very creative which will allow the boys to earn the best return on time invested. All scouts will be credited with a generous PSA (Personal Savings Account) percentage of sales so they can potentially pay for their own expenses including summer camp! You will find these fundraising activities will further enhance your homeschool education.

There are initial costs for registration and a scout uniform, but the boys will raise their funds and that time spent will be FUN and educational! If you agree with this concept, read on.

Religion: This troop will be strictly following the Boy Scouts of America guidelines regarding religion. Boy Scouts of America® does not require a faith statement or membership in a particular church or faith, and discriminatory behaviors by any members of the troop will not be tolerated. BSA has a policy of inclusiveness. If you agree, read on!

Camping Skills: Camping and survival skills are a cornerstone of the BSA program. A systematic preparation at meetings and events will ensure successful and positive experiences during camping trips.

Boy Led: This troop is committed to the ideal of a boy led troop.

The very creation of this troop is borne out of the leadership and decisions of the boys who are starting it. Troop leadership understands that boys cannot just be thrown together and told to make decisions. This troop recognizes leadership will need to teach boys how to make their own decisions, come to a consensus, and set personal, patrol and troop goals. These skills will be actively taught, while providing guidance for presentation, public speaking, problem solving and conflict resolution as needed.

Individuals who need mentoring to complete complex tasks on their first attempts will find a welcoming attitude. We want scouts to succeed, not feel overwhelmed or confused. If you want a scout troop that allows each scout to grow with confidence, read on!

Rank Advancement: Eagle Scouts have a definite competitive edge on college applications and job interviews. Many of our nation’s and the world’s leaders in many fields have been Eagle scouts.

Scouting will expose your son to the world, prepare him for leadership, reinforce honor, duty, and a strong work ethic. Rank advancement is a critical part of that goal. Meetings will be organized with fun ways to obtain rank.

The leadership has streamlined the checklists to keep boys moving along and ready to take their own leadership role within the troop.

Merit Badges: Merit Badges are used not only to prepare for rank, but also to allow the boys to have varied experiences exposing them to fields of study and careers they may wish to pursue. Boy Scouts is supposed to be about helping them to prepare for life, not just to prepare to go camping.

JOIN TROOP 333 and find out how good Scouting can be!

If these ideas appeal to you and your son, please contact us using THIS EMAIL FORM

You will be notified of meeting place and time.

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