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About Boy Scout Troop 333 - The Family Troop - Huntersville, NC and surrounding areas


About Troop 333

 “Troop 333 is The Family Troop: We strive to be Flexible, Compassionate & Enduring.” What does that mean exactly? Isn't scouting just about the scouts?

Troop 333 originally came together from a core group of families who liked scouting but wanted a different style of leadership and troop interaction.

We wanted a troop which is welcoming of everyone's skills, knowledge, background and enthusiasm. We feel scouting is and should be fun, and about family as well.

Families today face a lot of pressures which just did not exist two or three generations ago. Given the amount of time scouts spend together, we feel it is unreasonable to always limit the interaction with the rest of the family. There will be separate scout events, but there will also be times for the whole family to come together and enjoy fellowship with their boys. We want to promote the pride scouts get by demonstrating their skills, taking care of their families during a trip, and showing how well they work together as a unit.

Scouts will remain in patrols, will cook, clean, tent and do all those things scouts do together, but they will also have their family present on certain trips. We believe we all need to be closer in these uncertain times. So if you are looking for a troop that promotes family as much as it preserves the benefits of scouting, then you might have found a home. Please read more about our philosophy and background on this website.

Our Annual Calendar Planning

In order to avoid having meetings immediately following a camping trip, our troop has carefully planned our monthly camping weekends/events to fall on the second of fourth weekend of the month. Our troop meetings are the first and third Tuesday of each month and on the fifth Tuesday when it occurs. We have managed to avoid ALL major holidays, but will leave it up to the group if we want to celebrate Memorial Day, July 4th, and other holidays together. When we have a week-long summer camp or other camp during the year we omit the monthly camping/event trip. By doing so we hope to keep families active and interested without overburdening them.

You can contact our committee or scoutmaster at any time by navigating to the CONTACT US page and filling out the convenient form.

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