Friday, December 14, 2018

The Great South Mountain Trek 2015

Fall of 2015 found our troop hiking to adventure in South Mountain State Park Formed into two distinct groups, our older veteran scouts and younger newbies, worked hard to conquer rank and merit badge requirements while enjoying the best of fall scenery.

The new scouts hiked up the Waterfall Loop, comprised of a LOT of staircases, while carrying their daypacks and some first aid equipment with which they would pratice skills during the hike. The older scouts took the same route initially but then branched off and conquered the knob hike to the top of the mountains and back before breaking for base camp.

All the scouts had a brief lunch stop where they shared observations, jokes, and good food.

Returning to our base trailer in the parking lot, the younger scouts suited up with full packs for the final leg of the journey to the main campsite about one and a quarter miles inside the park. All the scouts greeted each other and the camp was set-up without a hitch. One group made sure we had a fresh water supply while others worked on preparing dinner.

As evening fell a blazing campfire rose to warm the chill in the air. We shared our camping area with troops from other cities who also found time to run, play and have some fun together.

The following morning, pack-down went smoothly and all scouts hiked the final portion back to the trailer for the return home. All the younger scouts completed their five-mile hiking requirement using compasses and navigating the area. Older scouts completed portions of the Camping merit badge including the 1,000 elevation change for hiking.

We hope to return to South Mountain in the future and explore other routes as soon as possible.

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