Friday, December 14, 2018

New Patrol Wins Honors At Camporee

A group of our new scouts and a couple of our veteran leaders took home a prize at the Gemstone District Camporee in late April!

For the first time, our troop won first place in a station award.

The new scouts worked well together with their leadership and managed to snag a plaque without catching themselves in the "web". A series of interlocking bungee cords on a frame seems simple enough, but the scouts had to determine who would go through which holes first, and most could only be pulled aside with single cords to make the passageway possible. They achieved perfect results, partly by lifting and carrying younger scouts through upper regions, and planning their moves like a chessboard.

Because they completed the task in the least amount of time and had no deductions for a scout touching the cords, or making a mistake, the Patrol from Troop 333 was given its first plaque!

Congratulations to everyone who participated and our new dads who helped at base camp all weekend.

While the young men did not expect to get a prize, it sure was nice to learn they did so well their first time working together as a team!