Friday, December 14, 2018

Exciting Summer Camp at Raven Knob

Summer 2013 saw our troop grow substantially & enjoy a great week of camping Our veteran scouts and a half dozen new scout rank scouts participated in an exciting summer camp experience at Camp Raven Knob in the Blue Ridge mountains near Mount Airy, North Carolina at the end of July.

The new scouts were enrolled in Raven Scouts which helped them complete not only most of their Tenderfoot requirements, but also this year they finished 11 of the Second Class scout requirements. They can expect to advance early this fall as they are nearly complete with their next rank. Every morning was filled with adventure and new scouts skills, and each took a turn hiking "the Knob", an exhilarating climb to the mountaintop, which stands about 1,800 feet above sea level. You can literally see Virgina, for many miles from the escarpments.

Meanwhile, one of our Eagle bound scouts, TC, assisted as a torch bearer during the Wednesday evening Order of the Arrow honor society ceremony. Two other veteran scouts, ER and CR, who were enjoying their week-long Mountain Man experience (living like they did in the 1840s) joined the Order to help with administrative duties that night.

Our Senior Patrol Leader concentrated on Eagle badges during the week, and many enjoyed shooting sports. EW, our SPL, also took home a unique award. He was the first person in memory of the camp staff to obtain a PERFECT shooting score. A perfect 100. All targets hit dead center. Not bad for someone who has never shot before!

The whole troop assisted at base camp and welcomed a provisional scout to our group who was there alone all week. He fit right in and took on many tasks without being asked. He won our merit camper award. Congratulations TR!

We also shared time with another troop of 8 scouts and on Tuesday hosted a small campfire together.

The food was good according to most reviews, and plentiful, and the courses were a lot of fun. All scouts mixed serious work with some enjoyable crafts, like woodcarving and leatherwork to round out their camp classes. With near perfect marks for inspections and a wonderful scout spirit the entire troop was awarded HONOR TROOP for the week at the closing campfire.

All the scouts are looking forward to raising the funds necessary to attend camps next year. And now, on to our annual Navigation course in August and Camporee in September where we host younger scouts and teach them the basics of compasswork and navigation.