Friday, December 14, 2018

Our Martial Arts Scout Warriors

Three Of Our Dynamic Scouts Are Also International Isshin Ryu Karate Competitors

Three Scouts from Troop 333 have been studying Mixed Martial Arts at the same dojo for several years. In fact, all of them are higher belts with one focused on achieving adult black belt status in the next few months.

Isshin Ryu karate is based on the original Okinawan karate, but has been artfully joined with Chinese Kung Fu, Japanese Judo and Jujitsu, Aikido, and Phillipine stick fighting (arnis). All of these scouts have competed regionally, winning in many competitive categories including karate forms and sparring. The weapons category is interesting in that the scouts have experience with bo staff, sais (tri-pointed swords), nunchucka, and even samurai swords.

One of the young men has been nominated as Best in World, achieving a top five competitor world status at the Internationals for several years. Two are members of the STORM team, a special team of role models, who exhibit the Bushido code (the code of the samurai), and have learned over the course of years expanded leadership skills, as well as teaching and being promoted to junior instructors for a variety of classes.

In addition to scouting, Troop 333 promotes excellence in other scout interests, with adults who have diverse backgrounds, able to support these interests. We want to congratulate the hard working MMA students of our troop, and wish them well this weekend at their upcoming regional Shiai (competition).

Members of the STORM team demonstrate their advanced skills at the premier of the Karate Kid movie in 2010.

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